How To Collect From
Everyone Who Owes You
Tired of Waiting For People To Pay What They Owe You ?
Question: I have quite a few people who owe me money and I can’t seem to get
them to pay up?
Reply: Welcome to the world of nice-guys-finish-last. But since you’ve asked, then
you’ve already learned that the hard way. Don’t worry, we can help.

Question: How can you help?
Answer: This manual, “How to Collect From Everyone…”, can show you how to get
your money back.

Question: Why should I buy from you?
Answer: This manual is co-written by Phyllis M. Croswell and Severo Melendez.
Both have years of experience in the collection of personal debt. But don’t wait –
act now.

Question: Why should I act now instead of later?
Answer: Waiting & prognosticating is what got you into this dilemma. You’ve
waited this long and you’ve received nothing. Continue to wait and you will
continue to get nothing.

Question: Am I taking a big risk and might lose my money?
Answer: The risk is in doing nothing. You do nothing, then everything remains the
It seems that whenever you try to be a nice guy, something jumps up to bite you.
I know, because it used to be that every time I loaned out money to friends, or I
would let my tenants fall behind on their rent, I never got it back. And don't let
me get started on my in-laws.

I have had landlords tell me how they have tenants moving out on them in the
middle of the night, so as not to pay their rent. Or how some contractors work for
what they truly believed were honest clients. Only to constantly chase after them
to pay for the work that was done.

I have had other clients from all kinds of businesses, and from all works of life,
tell me how they have boxes full of uncollected debt. Just sitting there gathering

Many of these honest, hard working individuals, have been forced to file law
suites against these non-paying dead beats. Only to find that, even though they
won the court case, they still haven’t been paid. What’s a person to do?
With this manual you can learn how to properly file a civil judgment suit.
Then learn, after being awarded your judgment, how to search through all the public records for the
defendant’s hidden assets.
This manual can also teach you how to find the defendant’s bank accounts and employment
payroll checks.
Then learn how to use the sheriff’s department to extract all of these hidden assets and bank

IS IT SAFE? It's very safe. You will never confront the defendants. The local sheriff's department, or
the levying officer, will do all the garnishing for you. But the best part is, since you will have the sheriff
do all of your garnishing, for you, you will be safely tucked at home, at your kitchen table, working on
your next case. What could be safer?

To help get you started on your money recovery venture, we have made it easy to order:

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right now for only $10.
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FREE SHIPPING included you can order a hard copy via PayPal for only $39.95, using your debit or credit card, by clicking on the
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3)  With
FREE SHIPPING included you can order a hard copy directly from the publisher for just $30. (Check or money orders only please).
Make checks payable to:
Melendez Publishing International
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Gary, IN. 46408
Please specify that you want the “
How To Collect From Everyone Who Owes You” manual.
Please print or type your name clearly.
A Testimonial:  I just wanted to thank you guys for this manual. I have finally, repeat finally, started to collect the past due rent from my formal tenants. Once I read the manual
it turned out easier than I thought it would be. Thanks again.
Joshua H.
Orlando, FL
As owners/operators of our own home-based business, we found it difficult to force some clients to pay their invoices. But since reading your manual, almost all have paid up.
Great book! Finally, a book that we can all use. Thanks a bunch.
Greg & Liz
Dallas, TX
I found that it was costing as much to collect my bad debts as what they were actually worth. What with attorney and collection agency fees. Now, with this manual, I just do it
Can't thank you enough.
Dr. Ahmed,
How To Collect From Everyone Who Owes You
Here’s just a small sample of what’s included:
Four Options To Your Money
Locating Your Debtors & Their Assets
How To Use Public Records
Collecting Your Money
Thoughts & Tips
Exploring This As A Home Base Business
Statue of Limitations & Interest Rates
Fee Schedule
Court Forms & Fees
Plus much, much more
So whether you are looking to only collect monies that is owed you, or looking for a nice little home based business, (yes, you can do this for clients also),
this manual can do both. And it’s easier than you might think.

With more and more court houses going high tech and therefore putting there research records on their web sites, this manual can show you how to do a lot of
the research right from your kitchen table using your PC.

But you still have to know what to look for. This manual can walk you through it.

So what are you waiting for? Order your manual today.

Remember, sitting around and waiting is what got you into this.
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